learning technology

My work applies a critical awareness of technology and its relationship to culture to create art and learning experiences. My work is engaged with finding optimistic and pragmatic ways to approach problems in society.


This ongoing project has developed a sensor that measures and uploads pollution data to the internet. In 2018 as part of FACT Liverpool’s learning program we engaged over 200 young people to program, build and hack the sensor and understand the science and related issues behind this. This project is being developed in 2019 using artistic approaches to create a more enhanced experience of ecology, technology as well as community representation of data related to climate change.

Digital Manufacturing

This toolkit has been used in several schools in Cheshire to discuss the world of the future with young people. Based on a government research report this kit aims to prove the concept of digital manufacturing by allowing students and teachers to download files for their 3D printer and laser cutter and make the kit for themselves. All you need is the materials, files and a metre long strip of LED lights.

The kit features 4 different future landscapes and 8 categories which allow us to discuss different outcomes in the world of 2050. It provides a scaffold for lateral thinking, group discussion and imagination and can be ran within lessons where groups can make their own scenarios and add them to the kit.

If you are a teacher or student interested in producing the kit please get in touch. It is currently under an open-source license meaning it is free to download and use but requires instructions on how to produce it.

Climate Change

In 2014 I wrote a thesis on the future of farming and ecologies in light of climate change, resource scarcity and population growth. Alongside this I have developed several farming sites (mainly in cities) and educational resources that allow people to pioneer their own approaches to sustainable futures that focus on food, renewable energy and supporting wildlife.